Monday, 30 June 2008


apologies for the brief nature of this cover, i have to move house and clean old house and practice for gig friday and arg. i also got some new pens so i have been trying out drawing with them. not sure if ive sold out yet.
ive also spent all weekend scanning 600 pages of biro scrawled a4 for a video of my band. so im pretty sick of the sweet heady smell of biro for now.
new girl talk album? fucking hell. ace of base? ini kamoze? ghetto superstar over autumn sweater by yo la tengo. fucking a. x

Monday, 23 June 2008


here is my effort.
the songs a bit repetitive isn't it? i took the 4 chords and dropped more stuff out of it and brought stuff back in. im pretty happy with this one.
its the second time in like a month ive had to mess with this lads band.
oh andddd
i have a new laptop. i dunno why but its better.
not much to report this week, i think that basshunter is an awesome man, having seen his skills on that nokia program.

Monday, 16 June 2008


cover here: we are the people

quite nostalgic hearing feeder, even though its ages since they did something good. reminds me of the summer before i went to university many years ago, playing cricket on fields and getting my young fake scottish skin lobster red. its funny how people seem to pine for their lost youth at the same time. its only recently i have caught up with some of my good friends from back home ( corby, northants) that i hadn't seen in ages, and had an awesome time. maybe its the fact that we are all approaching 25 and can no longer call ourselves 'young' adults. maybe its because we feel guilt at not having spoken to them since we parted and went our seperate ways. but i think its because you realise that true friends are those who you can always go back to where you left off with, and you kick yourself for not having been arsed with them for so long. this one is for my corby pals.

ive realised ive started to write like im on massive amounts of anti-depressants. but im just happy.

views on the baritone voice on this cover ? y/n or n/a ( not arsed)

either way ill probably not listen to good advice.


w x

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


here is this weeks number. i played around with tempo for a bit, enjoyed doing this. havent heard it except for it being on that advert ages ago, and i think i got the words wrong.
still dead busy so ill be brief.
flo rida's album is entitled 'mail on sunday'. doubt its as good as the actual paper.

Friday, 6 June 2008


dead proper busy this week. people should buy the no age album. i did this and i think it sounded better at the time.
proper update once ive found a new job and moved house .