Friday, 28 March 2008


everyone i have asked likes this song. i have asked at least 13

people. i didnt do the rap part, but decided to just loop the end bit for ages because it sounded really good and percussive. hope you like this cover. i liked doing this one.

congrats to leona. stateside magic. although she does do that 'ooh' thing on the first bar of EVERY FUCKING SONG on Spirit. what do i know eh? shes well nice.

here chef.

Friday, 21 March 2008


things coming full circle again. a welcome return to the most attractive person ever. shes well young and ace.

im unsatisfied by the lack of sport related content in the official song for sport relief. at least they could have dubbed in some colour clips of her seeing how many keepy ups she could do, or hire in 'stryker' who was used in the man utd fa cup song a few years back.

here you.


Thursday, 13 March 2008


hello there,

highest new entry this week is we are scientists. kind of did a bit of a reworking here. i really liked the main guitar riff, and this goes on all the way through on the original, so i kind of went with this. i used a really fast arpeggio to make it sound like that kind of shoegaze wash sound. and then laid the riff over the top all the way through. lyrics wise, i just took the first lines:

this door is always open
no one has the guts to shut us out.

as the song sounded quite triumphant, like the end of a game, when i had reworked it. i decided not to bother with the rest of the lyrics, as they didnt seem to fit in my version.

let me know what you think.

p.s i havent had much time again to watch or do anything except study, so i havent got a lot else to say. unless you want to know about XML Web Services. and i dont really want to talk about them. so there.

Sunday, 9 March 2008


HELLO there.

This weeks effort is the highest new entry, which is Delinquent feat. K-Cat. This song has apparently been kicking about for say 4 years. I dont know how i feel about it, seeing as it sounds almost identical to that heartbroken one. But i like this better cause it has a dive bombing sub bass line half way through which for some reason reminded me of Kerry Kings guitar work, and some nice bits of square wave staccatoness in the chorus.

Apologies for the lack of having much to comment on at the moment, studies and other musical commitments mean that i have to try and prioritise other things a bit more. SOZ.

This weeks cover version again was done in one take, save for the other overdub. Seeing as Jack was out somewhere and I was too impatient for him to get back ( a wise move seeing as he has been out all weekend) i decided to record this myself. I couldnt work out how to make the line in record , so simply used the onboard microphone on his Mac and ramped the volume and overdrive up on a cheap marshall amp , and sung over the top of it with another cheap amp adjacent to it. I think having listened to the Times New Viking album i fancied doing something that was terribly recorded. so there.

i cant think of anything else to say at present. sorry. normal service will resume at some point x