Saturday, 31 May 2008


RIHANNA is probably the most difficult word to spell in the world. and i cant say the word 'thistles' right anymore.
leona lewis may be ursurped by rihanna as things stand at the moment. i am pretty much in love with her hair. im thinking of growing it out rihanna style from the get up i've got going on at the moment. anyone have any views on this? if you know me like.
i really liked this song, but decided to try something without drums on for the first time in ages, and kind of made it really droney and repetitive( i just took the chord progressions throughout the song and repeated them in cycles against each other). and i put the vocals quite high. again, only one take, but thought it got better as time went on ( all 2 mins of it!)
i am happy. hope you all are too!

Sunday, 25 May 2008


this song. have listened to it a few times and its not that annoying.. having listened to a lot of pop music i realised that there really is a lot of repetition going on. theres basically two chords and the same drum beat throughout. but people dont mind. i guess they arent fussy. its all about the lyrics though. i can relate because everyone of the names are not one of my names so i can sing this song from my heart ( p.s my name is warren).
enjoyed singing this one, again i just built around the two chords in a schaffel techno style. which turned a bit basshunter, but i looked into it its fine.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


yeah its on the nme if you wanna buy that. i didnt.
the songs got a nice chord progression, but having got back from the pitchfork atp, and preparing myself for the explosions in the sky one, i dont really feel much like going into it in much depth, or speaking too much about music. but it was awesome. deadly awesome.
things i learned this week :
- throwing up outside a motorway travel tavern and having a whippet called Jessie eat your sick while you are still being sick is not as embarassing as you would think.
- i shall never own a moustache of any suitable caliber.
- massive shorts and enjoying yourself are much more fun than looking neat.
- i have some of the best friends ever made.
this one is for them. all of them.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


short and brief this one. not too keen on the actual song. is this gym class guy emo or have i got something wrong ? i mean shit new emo and not old good emo like i like.
yeah, i have kind of got over my bitchiness on this project.jess, when you saw me i think i was in need of food and bed after a days drinking session, so i was being a bit wank. the project shall continue. in the interest of managing expectations, i have a weeks holiday with the folks at the end of july, so i think it may mean that i miss one week and do 2 the next week? we shall see though. we shall see. THE PROJECT SHALL CONTINUE.
p.s have you heard that fergie and nelly song? sounds proper hostile and fergie has her vocals pitch shifted real low like a death metal band during her rap. its the first time that the hits has unnerved me . ever.
love you all.

Friday, 2 May 2008


im a bit less angry this week. partly due to more sleep and jack recording this for me when i couldnt work the computer.
this song is dedicated to the boy jack fabian. i love him.
hes pretty much invested a lot of his effort in helping host and record all this guff. he is boss. i did punch him in the shin pretty hard tho.
this is the 26th cover of the year, which means we are half way through, and have only another 26 until i do something else. im not carry on .
could i have views on my impression of alex turner in the last 30 seconds of this song?
p.s i think this song is ace. the 7 minute extended versions much better, and the radio edit is too brief.