Thursday, 23 October 2008


two more to go.

i tried something different. i worked out the chords and basically made it up on the fly. so you are hearing me actually writing the song as its being played. again. one take.

starting to feel a little relieved/ sad that this project is ending. i think it was confused at the start, as i was a bit confused at the time, but as things have went on, i think i have became a bit more confident about what things i can do and not do. i think its been a good thing to do to make me realise that you can put things on the internet and not really care if they are perfect or with a full explanation of why they sound like they do or why they aren't as good as they can be. it can just be a thing that you either involve yourself in on some level or dont have an opinion of. much like the radio, or music channels, or anything else for that matter.

here it is.

w x

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