Tuesday, 4 November 2008


its over. for the final one, i decided to rope in Jack Fabian to sing the other vocal. This was all done in two takes, with the last part being sung by James Trafford and Tom Price as well as me and Jack. I dont really have much else to say at the moment, its all over! Thanks for your comments and support throughout the next year, im going to be doing some kind of blog based thing next, so ill keep you posted on what happens. But for now, bye then. Enjoy all 52 covers that i made ( at least a few of them). MAD GREETS - MR BLISTER, GREG, JACK, MIKE, ROO, JAYNE,TOM, JAMES AND ANYONE ELSE WHO READS THIS. Thanks. Take care.

All my love.




Pi said...

well done.

this blog as been super awesome!

buzz x

Mr Blister said...

I've just been visiting your blog - first time for what seems like ages - I've been diverted and distracted by other things. I can see there is a lot of catching up to do. I will try and download some of your more recent recordings (don't suppose you could zip all the mp3s into a couple of big files?). Whatever...it's been a quality blog. Well done for getting to the end and thank you for some marvellous recordings. As I said, I havent had chance to sample recent ones (but if you cant zip them all up I guess Im gonna have to start downloading them all) but your version of Bleeding Love is still on my pod and occasionally comes up on random...it is fucking superb!

all the best - with your next venture...keep me informed..

chin chin!

Montegue Blister