Thursday, 21 February 2008


Duffy is number one this week. the song sounds like watching a video of the 1960s with mute on. I saw this on t4 once and had no opinion. yet again, i missed the brits. its not been the same since sam fox presented it. that was some quality gear. i went to manchester instead. all i know is that leona lewis came home with jack shit and amy winehouse got talked about( husband in prison, gets hard prison men signed pictures of his wife for smack, she occasionally doesnt look her best). in the past week i have been to germany to see friends and we discussed kate nash's inflections at the end of a lot of words ( bittAH, fittAH) in depth. I say in depth. I think we just made the same joke over and over again and stretched it until it became unfunny and then funny again. the circle of life.

here is my cover again.

the sound at the end is me dropping the microphone onto some percussive things. if you are bothered.

and im actually using a different model of gameboy now (original brick size as opposed to gameboy colour) which has a lot less hiss and more bass on it due to a better sound chip or something. bothered.

YOUR TURN: why do i find amy winehouse attractive?

THE PRIZE FOR BEST ANSWER: a cover of any song you desire.


Gregory said...

Amy Winehouse = attractive because she's a big nosed Jew with boss milkers and a mouth you could probably get arrested for using in a multitude of ways frowned on by the Qu'ran, Torah and Sceintologyists.

I feel your pain, even if she is slipping a bit.

Oh yeah, and because she's really aggressive...

Welcome back x

Hurley said...

My friend Gregory likes her simply because she has a big jewish face.

Different Gregory.