Wednesday, 6 February 2008


credible songs to cover.. woop.
i thought that over and over was great, but the song is busy with little analogue bits on it here and there, too much periphery dossing around , so in my opinion it doesnt really have a clear build up to the chorus (which is pretty fucking great) so it just kind of just,,, starts, its kind of like one of stock aitken and watermans more minor hits( donna summer, reynolds girls, sam fox- nothings gonna stop me now) .in my opinion. so i made it verse chorus, and then repeated it. made it simpler. vocals again done in one take, my practice version of trying to do some lightning bolt esque contact-mic primal screaming backing thing didnt work. partly because i was wearing a pashmina over my mouth and face like a hijab and not really trying hard enough to make it work. and the fact that it was a fucking stupid idea didnt help.
i think with trying to harmonise with my own voice i normally get it around the second verse. and i was right. i intend to listen to the song a few more times, i hear on good terms that its a grower, it doesnt really strike me as a single, more of an album track to be honest, and i was quite surprised by how high this was in the charts. roll on atp vs pitchfork, where ill probably not watch them and hang out in the arcades.

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