Thursday, 13 March 2008


hello there,

highest new entry this week is we are scientists. kind of did a bit of a reworking here. i really liked the main guitar riff, and this goes on all the way through on the original, so i kind of went with this. i used a really fast arpeggio to make it sound like that kind of shoegaze wash sound. and then laid the riff over the top all the way through. lyrics wise, i just took the first lines:

this door is always open
no one has the guts to shut us out.

as the song sounded quite triumphant, like the end of a game, when i had reworked it. i decided not to bother with the rest of the lyrics, as they didnt seem to fit in my version.

let me know what you think.

p.s i havent had much time again to watch or do anything except study, so i havent got a lot else to say. unless you want to know about XML Web Services. and i dont really want to talk about them. so there.

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