Friday, 28 March 2008


everyone i have asked likes this song. i have asked at least 13

people. i didnt do the rap part, but decided to just loop the end bit for ages because it sounded really good and percussive. hope you like this cover. i liked doing this one.

congrats to leona. stateside magic. although she does do that 'ooh' thing on the first bar of EVERY FUCKING SONG on Spirit. what do i know eh? shes well nice.

here chef.


Jack said...

hot fact dad.
the guy who fronts onerepublic wrote bleeding love.

warren said...

i can now confirm this fact.

i probably dislike it more now because i dont like how that man looks. he looks like a sack head.

leona lewis is still the most attractive person ever and ill fucking fight anyone who says differently. x