Wednesday, 16 April 2008


this bronski beat meets panda bear meets kompakt cover comes your way via an inability to listen to the song all the way through. immediately after seeing the fact it was on hard2beat i thought it was going to be wank. i am quite conscious of the fact however that im slipping into a house style of making each song sound the same , or my way of it sounding, much as stock aitken or waterman or a lot of the italo disco stuff on ZYX in the 80's sounded. exactly the fucking same. i suppose i am just using a gameboy, so i have an excuse tho.

oh. if you are interested in what i look like im on this video singing leona lewis:

although i now dont have glasses and paid money for a real person to cut my hair and make up lies to try to impress me ( example: yeah me and my m8s went to latvia on a stag weekend. i warned the lads not too, but one got done out of 10 grand on his credit card in a strip club) BULLSHITS MATES.

i would have been more impressed if he just told me he couldnt handle his booze and ended up going home early every night.

here is the covers. sjkaldf

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