Sunday, 6 April 2008


Dear Usher and Mr.Jeezy,

i am writing to you to pose several questions to you upon listening to your song once. the first being:

1. are you aware that the hoover synth sound that you used on this song is probably my least favourite keyboard line of all time?

2. do you not find it innappropriate to refer to ones self as daddy during sexual intercourse? on further reflection i find it to be one of the most innapropriate things i could say during said act.

finally i wish to congratulate you on your desire to make relations in nightclubs. of course, as with most young people, i enjoy frequenting places of this nature regularly with the main aim of achieving said act. but to actually want to do so in the very location where you go to have the oppurtunity to perform sexual acts at a later date! oh sir usher, i doff my cap to thee. heaven knows i have a hard enough job completing this act in a safe, warm enviroment away from the stressors of spilt pints of watered down carling and lukewarm r n b songs such as yours. i am in admiration of you.

your pal,

warren myles

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