Sunday, 27 January 2008



i really struggled with this song, i couldnt really get anywhere with it. i took the initial chord progression and then listened to the rest of the song once, and then forgot about the chorus , took the lyrics and did what i probably would have done with it.

apologies for the delay on putting this up, have been very busy all week with other musical things and couldnt get round to finishing this off.

again, this was one take for both vocals, which explains some bad timings throughout.

i think it works better with vocals quite high without any effects on.

enough talking about adele. the only thing that i have encountered this week is the jared leto '30 seconds to mars, 20 minutes of ang lee rip off , 10 minutes of credits and poor dialogue'

highlights indicating that jared leto can bridge the same singer/ actor gap as greats like bruce willis ( something blues with a boardwalk in), eddie murphy ( party all the time, probably something offensive about aids or gay people) or that fit one from hollyoaks who went on a cruise ship but was in allstars include these gems:

jared leto examining a map, looking fit but confused: 'its like a map, so bizarre'

jared leto examining a scroll outlining what gift he has recieved, looking fit but confused: ' this is a gift?'

its on youtube, predictably: A + B

comments , feedback etc always appreciated and occasionally acted upon.

love you x


Gregory said...


Dead link

Sort it

warren said...

its not dead, its just that jack wasnt in so he couldnt upload it properly so its a bad wait 30 seconds for download thing.

ill get a proper one sorted this evening x

warren said...
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warren said...

sorted. a proper link which doesnt take ages. ta jack .

p.s the deleted comment was me posting the same thing twice. no censorship here. no war for oils

Jess said...

Haha! I've already seen a bit of that video, but never got to the end because it's soooo boring (and the song's so shit), so I didn't realise there was a part 2: OMFG.

All Jared Leto's fans think he's amazing for using so much of his own money to fund the filming of their video. It doesn't seem to strike them that it's a little over the top . . . Have you seen the one that's a rip-off of The Shining? (find "the kill" kind of catchy though . . .)

warren said...

no, i dont think i need to see any more 30 seconds to mars videos. i think nothing will ever top how over the top this video is. the more i think about it, its probably the best thing ever made. x