Monday, 14 January 2008


BASSHUNTER IS NUMBER ONE AND HE IS GORGEOUS AND THE HIGHEST ENTRY IS LUPE FIASCO. HERE YOU GO MATE. its all change in the charts this week, good old britney's ket adventure putting her in good stead in the top 5. leon jacksons gone already, very sad times for music yes right there.

so , onto the song. ive changed the dogme rules again to make things more interesting.
from now on, its going to be the first take of the lead vocals and the backing. im not allowed another chance at it. its what ive been doing for the last few weeks anyway.
the last few have been pretty straight up, faithful -ish covers, but i thought id just take the chord progression and make it as fennesz esque as you can on gameboy. for some reason when you switch between different things too much on different channels sometimes it can glitch and go a bit mental. have no idea why this is, but it happens on the last chorus, and i think it sounds pretty boss. if you like that kind of thing. if you dont, sorry for everything.

having currently played the last gig in my old band, i am struck with the realisation that in the mean time, the only things i really do involve cover versions of pop songs on gameboy. i think this is a good thing.

so, onto other pop news. amelle from t' sugababes has smacked some lass .
shes in trouble with the police. i think i could be the person to tame her wild ways. perhaps i would take her to ferry meadows or perhaps to woburn safari park as these are calming places, and then i could play her some slowdive and my bloody valentine perhaps and she would perhaps join a new band. perhaps.

bye again.

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Jack said...

I'd say a glitched gameboy is quite an important step in this project, heralding new horizons in how far a gameboy pop cover can be taken, and it's actually helped turn a fairly standard piece of source material (lupe fiasco) into something quite special. Nice one papa G.

Also, I'd like to say that i would well 'slowdive' amelle, and make her 'my bloody valentine'. Urgh that's horrible, sorry bye.