Tuesday, 6 May 2008


short and brief this one. not too keen on the actual song. is this gym class guy emo or have i got something wrong ? i mean shit new emo and not old good emo like i like.
yeah, i have kind of got over my bitchiness on this project.jess, when you saw me i think i was in need of food and bed after a days drinking session, so i was being a bit wank. the project shall continue. in the interest of managing expectations, i have a weeks holiday with the folks at the end of july, so i think it may mean that i miss one week and do 2 the next week? we shall see though. we shall see. THE PROJECT SHALL CONTINUE.
p.s have you heard that fergie and nelly song? sounds proper hostile and fergie has her vocals pitch shifted real low like a death metal band during her rap. its the first time that the hits has unnerved me . ever.
love you all.

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Jess said...

I haven't even heard this song. Is it a "highest new entry"? Normally I feel like Radio One sledgehammer me to death with new releases . . . and I only listen to it to and from work . . .