Friday, 2 May 2008


im a bit less angry this week. partly due to more sleep and jack recording this for me when i couldnt work the computer.
this song is dedicated to the boy jack fabian. i love him.
hes pretty much invested a lot of his effort in helping host and record all this guff. he is boss. i did punch him in the shin pretty hard tho.
this is the 26th cover of the year, which means we are half way through, and have only another 26 until i do something else. im not carry on .
could i have views on my impression of alex turner in the last 30 seconds of this song?
p.s i think this song is ace. the 7 minute extended versions much better, and the radio edit is too brief.


Jess said...

This is also massively preferable to the original. Good work.

Further to my drunken comments in the Washy on Saturday (it was Jimbo's birthday! I knew it was someone's), are you going to continue with this project or sack it off and do something else?

Brian Eno says, "What mistakes did you make last time?" if that's any help.

Jess said...

PS. Can you do a version of Violet Hill by Coldplay? I'm sick of Radio 1 playlisting it to death, and would like an appropriately bastardised version of it. Please.