Saturday, 31 May 2008


RIHANNA is probably the most difficult word to spell in the world. and i cant say the word 'thistles' right anymore.
leona lewis may be ursurped by rihanna as things stand at the moment. i am pretty much in love with her hair. im thinking of growing it out rihanna style from the get up i've got going on at the moment. anyone have any views on this? if you know me like.
i really liked this song, but decided to try something without drums on for the first time in ages, and kind of made it really droney and repetitive( i just took the chord progressions throughout the song and repeated them in cycles against each other). and i put the vocals quite high. again, only one take, but thought it got better as time went on ( all 2 mins of it!)
i am happy. hope you all are too!

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