Saturday, 22 December 2007


merry christmas to everyone.
here is a cover of mariah carey that might get you in the christmas mood. no dice on my front ,im afraid. gonna do some minimal wrapping of christmas presents tonight in some vain attempt to GET FUCKING FESTIVE. im my boredom this week, ive done leon jacksons song, im pretty damn sure its gonna be number 1, so ill upload that tommorow so i can have a few days holiday from gameboys, rush-released cover versions, predictable re-releases, and have a few well earned days rest with the folks drinking and watching 'the hits' til the wee small hours. then ill get back to sheffield, maybe watch 'the hits' and have some dutch style lager from spar. for a change.
thank you to everyone who has read the blog so far, i really appreciate the comments. hope you all have a wonderful christmas break.
p.s apologies for the wait to download these links, its only a temporary measure until jack returns from his holiday ruddy-faced and heavily laden with access to his webspace.

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