Sunday, 23 December 2007


predictable christmas number one here .
for this week, i decided to do everything live, instead of recording the backing separately and then singing over the top of it twice. so what you are hearing is me turning on the gameboy and then my very first attempt at singing this song, having listened to leons version numerous times... i think youll agree i definately nailed every note perfectly in the chorus.
i suppose the reason why the vocals are really low in all the recordings is because i dont have much faith in my voice.
my best tricks are:
fake robert smith.
but i think the whole point of this project is how i interpret and perform the song that can be seen as the most popular among the uk record buying public, and in exposing my weaknesses, rather than masking them it gives it more of a personal feel. so i think i will put the vocal track higher from now on, and try putting less effects on them.unless its properly shit.

the blackadder christmas special is a bit weak. if its on over christmas i probably wouldnt bother watching it. and id probably actually avoid the hits this time of year. cascada have taken a midi- version of last christmas by wham! and whacked a house beat on it. its really good, it blew my mind. and avid merrion just keeps getting funnier, do you not think! YOU SHOULD CHACK OUT HIS SONG HE HAS A GUY FROM THE BULLSEYE ON IT DO YOU REMEMBER BULLSEYES IT WAS POPLULR IN THE 80S LIKE CALVIN HARRISON AND IT HAS DAVINO MAKCAL SHE IS THE PERESTNER FROM BIG BROTHER IF YOU CAN RECALL IT.
If you really need a cover version of 'Last Christmas' this year, GOTO80's commodore 64 version( along with some other chiptune artistsrenditions of festive 'faves') can be found here. have a good one people.


Mr Blister said...

Beautiful - Listened three times on repeated play.

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