Saturday, 17 November 2007

ayo technology

having consumed vast quantities of both dutch style lager and 'the hits' over the past week, i feel that im in a good position to comment on what songs are being repeated on an hourly basis. to be fair , its probably on a two hourly basis. but first, i watched the documentary about east 17 reforming. which was fucking awesome. ive seen it before, but it was well worth seeing again. tony mortimer looks and acts exactly the same as the office era martin freeman. brian harvey is a very confused, difficult person to understand. his arguments against reforming the band were pretty sound. for a start:
- he doesnt like the music tony writes
- he wants to make 'proper music, like r' n b'
- he gets punched by tony
this is all completely fine. but then tony leaves the band, they are pretty screwed because he writes the all songs, and i was of the position that the music they made was r'n b ish anyway? the programme ended abruptly, and having done extensive research ( wikipedia) i await their charmingly entitled comeback single ' FUCK THAT' with bated breath. spring 2k8 yo.maybe im missing the point a bit though. brian harvey did manage to run his own head over with his own car while he was driving. suicide attempt, cry for help, drink/ drug abuse, whatever. the guys got talent, this being possibly the most implausible story for a serious injury i have ever heard.
i had a plan to compare the ever- revolving sugababes lineup ( now only containing founding member keisha) to that of Anton Newcombe's Brian Jonestown Massacre. But it didnt really compare very well, so decided not to mention it. Instead, im going to tell you about how awesome Amelle is and not give any real reasons for this. MY FAVOURITE SUGABABE EVA. Incidentally, Heidi drops serious points for being involved in an early incarnation of Atomic Kitten ( members of which went on to join Iceland, the frozen food supermarket).
which brings me on to my final point. ayo technology is fucking awesome. the backing track sounds like the sound of the SID chip on the commodore 64. it has timbaland, 50 cent and jt on it. and the lyrics are as follows:

Why don't you come over here?
You got me sayin
Why don't you sit down on top of me?
Ayo!!!! I'm tired of usin' technology
I need you right in front of me

I think its the first song ive heard about the perils of using social networking sites for romantic purposes, and the shortfalls of its lack of tangibility. anyway. im tired of using technology, so bye. ayo indeed.


Pi said...

correct answer to "best sugababe ever?"

Gregory said...

Week two & one missed deadline? Tut.

It's been the only thing keeping me going. That and Hot Snakes and Sonic 3.

warren said...

20/11-Leona has set a UK record for the fastest-selling debut album.

Spirit went straight in at number one, while the 22-year-old X-Factor winner’s song Bleeding Love also remained at the top of the singles chart for the fourth week running.

didn't make it clear about what happens when they stay at number 1...
So in the event that a song remains at number one, im going to do a cover version of a previous number 1 from this year/ or another year before the next top 40 is announced next sunday. so i havent broken any rules, as of yet. the new songs going up just as soon as i get back from swindon. tommorow. x

Gregory said...


I figured top new entry would make sense, but retrospective pop studies sounds fun too.

keep upto date