Friday, 23 November 2007

seeing as our leona is still there...

I decided to do a cover of a song i think is fucking awesome. I implore you to legally download/ buy outright this song... as i think its one of the best pop songs of recent years. You can download this song here. From now on though, based on what greg states, every week when the person at number one stays for a consecutive week... i will cover the next highest entry in that week, and have it up in time for the next top 40 countdown. This leads me neatly onto a feature i will call:

When i was at school, we used to hang around in this guys house after school, partly because his mum worked 2-10 shifts and rarely came back before we had left. This gentleman only listened to 2 cds: the first sugababes cd, and the theme to Big Brother 1. On one occasion, too many people were sat on a bed. One beam of his bed broke. We ended up repairing this situation using:
- massive quantities of parcel string
- sellotape
- very coarse rope
-a jar of 2p coins in a sweet jar held under the beam in question as support.

Seeing as I havent been there for 6 years, I can only assume that is still the case. Updates as we get them.

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