Sunday, 11 November 2007

the beginning.

my sister dropped me off in kettering station today after a weekend spent drinking, listening to bad cover bands, watching the hits on freeview and commenting on the new song by Leona Lewis, and how it isn't 'actually that bad really, if im being honest' when i realised that pop music can be the most wonderful thing ever if executed correctly. So, throughout that two and a half hour journey back to Sheffield, i thought of a plan.

the thing that bugs me is the fact that no one really cares about whats popular in the whole mainstream, top 40 anymore, whether it be down to people downloading music, having it on their fucking phone to annoy people with on buses, or just being disheartened by the whole x-factor/ celebrity love kitchen situation that it finds itself in. i think this is really sad. as a child, we used to have the radio on a lot, and when there was a song I really wanted to hear, i used to just wait for what seemed like days before it came on, and then end up only recording half of it because id not pressed the buttons down right or just pressed play on the tape or something.. but i digress slightly. the fact of the matter is, that you can pretty much hear anything you want, whenever you want, anytime of day using the internet, and i think thats killed the whole communal listening idea that radio provided. and i cant remember the last single i bought that was in the chart. so, my plan is as follows:

for the next year from this day forward, i will listen to and watch every video that is in the top ten that week,buy every new single that is at number one in the UK Top 40 chart, and with this single i will strip it down, and rework it into a song composed on little sound dj using the gameboy, record this with myself singing, and place it for free download on here. the reason im using a gameboy for this is for the simple reason that its restrictive. you can only have up to 4 different channels of sound playing at one point, so i will have to be economic with what i keep in each song. so its going to be how i interpret each pop song that the public sees as being the most worthy of their hard earned cash, each week, for the next year. so, im going to get on with transcribing bleeding love by leona lewis, and ill let you know how it goes before the top 40 countdown next sunday.

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fayemyles said...

Genious, I shall wait in anticipation. This would never have come about if mum had taken you to the station x