Monday, 12 November 2007

keep bleeding

so, i bought the leona lewis single from virgin today, cost me two pounds, which i was quite pleased with. i should probably say that i bought it from zavvi. but no. its a bad name. i spent about 10 minutes milling purposefully between the upstairs aisles before eventually finding where the singles are kept. its not very big at all. started listening to it when i got back after work, and its pretty awesome when you strip it all back. the hammond organy sound is boss and im particularly smitten by the beepy, popping percussion sound running throughout, and the crunchy drums are pretty sick. decided i would need to make some changes, so i got rid of about the last 30 seconds of her running through scales on my version. i cant and never will be able to do anything involving more than one octave in a song. the chords running throughout caused a bit of problems, so i pretty much stripped it back to the 4 chords running through the entire song. keeping it pretty straight up. i have never really heard of this person until over the weekend, but looking at the album sleeve she looks very attractive, and has a very nice voice. i only hope my biro drawing of the singles cover with her on it will do her justice. we can only hope. tommorow im going to finish the vocals, record them and hopefully have everything up by wednesday.

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