Wednesday, 28 November 2007


my shayyyyne ward cover of his song breathless is here you. as leona lewis, a fellow x factor winner is still at number one, i covered the highest new entry, in at number 6. i struggled finding out what this actually was, seeing as the singles area in virgin and zavvi were very little help. i went with the uk top 40 highest entry from bbc, as it was the original inspiration for this project. counting downloads makes things so much more complicated for me to work out. for example, the new sugababes song is at number 85 through downloads , even though it isnt even out physically until next week. and according to the daily star i flicked through in the canteen at work, the official highest new entry is katherine jenkins , with rejoice ( written by gary barlow, apparently).for fucks sake, if people cant even make it as easy as possible for me to find out what songs are the most popular, why bother at all? GODSAKE. maybe the fact that the daily star chart section was sandwiched between extremely detailed 'im a celebrity' updates on the fit one from hollyoaks ' chest and badly taken shots of a distressed amy winehouse should have been a dead giveaway to seek out a more official source straight away. back to the charts though,i really hate the idea of digital downloads ( free ones are completely fine, ive looked into it and its FINE. no qualms). personally i like having some kind of token for my monetary support, be it a cd/ vinyl / complimentary dvd/ fold out poster of fit one from band on sofa. possibly this is because im massively into having material items to surround myself with, and the uk public are the ones who are in the right? in other recent music news, i heard a bit of the soulja boy song that they taught me how to do the dance to in the Metro. nice steel drums sample, lads. keep on dancing.
On to the song itself then. working it out on guitar, the chorus has a similar chord progression to the breakdown in the get up kids song 'a newfound interest in massachusetts'. anyone? or is this just another case of me making things up which are FACTUALLY INCORRECT.*
I felt very uncomfortable singing a love song which had references to having children, and what our children would look like.i fail to see how this song could make me feel in the mood for love, or summarise our relationship, as these are the two least likely things that i would want to think about when i would be engaged in said act. i would find this most offputting. in all fairness , this songs quite possibly geared towards a different market , besides myself. i probably still would though. nice stubble.

p.s ive realised ive drawn the album cover and not the single cover .damn these single and album track similarities. its a better shot , so you get a better impression of what he looks like on this one, as im sure you'll agree.

*see earlier post regarding poirot/ that new take that song . probably loads more.


Mr Blister said...

Hi Warren,

Just read your blog. Genius. I love the idea behind it. Please keep up the good work and stick to the Dogme Pop Principles. Your version of Leona Lewis is so superior to hers I was stunned. And i love your outside art drawings. All in all it's a brilliant idea for a blog - you've just got to keep going.

So as an incentive...I write a sometime humorous blog about Rhydian (X Factor) . Obviously he will be the Christmas number one. I would love to use that as an excuse to feature your blog on mine, an article, your drawing plus be the first blog besides your own to have your version on MP3 - hosted from my site as well. (Even if Rhydian doesnt win I guess there will be an X Factor no1 so i could still do it)

My site gets about 1000 hits a day at the moment and I would love to pass some of those people your way

What do you say?

Also I love outside contributions to my blog - from people whose writing I like - so feel free to contribute.

Once again - thanks for giving me so much pleasure with your blog. Stick to it and sell the whole package as a CD and book at the end. E mail me if you want details of a publisher that may be interested in your work


Montegue Blister

Mr Blister said...

Hi Warren,

I've added a graphical link to you in my blog:

Its in the right hand column a couple of 'page down's down

I'm loving your version of the Shane Ward song - although I've never heard the original, surely it can't be that good!

Send me an email about my previous message

warren said...

hello there,
im sending you an email as we speak! glad you like it !

dont worry, i have nothing better to do than this so it will be seen through til completion .