Wednesday, 14 November 2007

leona lewis cover.

Here is my cover of the song here.

And my picture makes our Leona more like Andrew WK. Which in no way is a bad thing.

After the drink-addled haze of my first post, im in a better position to comment on what this project is all about... so....

The rules i'm following for this entire project are inspired from the Dogme 95 movement of film makers, who aimed to distill film making into its simplest form, cutting away all the effects and post production editing that modern facilities provide, by imposing a set of restrictions to be followed by those in the collective. I have wanted to do something using this kind of restriction for a long time, but only recently after getting into making music on the Gameboy enforced by the restrictions of only 4 tracks have I found an outlet for this. So for this project the aim is to:

Buy commercially and produce a version of whichever song is at number 1 following the UK Top 40 countdown before the next weeks number 1 is announced, regardless of how finished this is, for the next year.

This song will consist only of:
-A backing track composed on gameboy, comprising 4 channels of 4 bit sound.
-2 vocal tracks , one for lead vocals and one for backing ( preferably in one take, and without any effects on the vocals. but as heard on the Leona Lewis cover, I am probably going to need to cover it in reverb and have a second swing at it.)

Along with this, I am going to draw a picture of the singles cover, and I am only allowed one attempt at this.

My aims for this project are still slightly garbled, and lacking a lot of focus, but I suppose what im trying to do is make music that seems popular to the majority appeal to myself by drawing attention to my own limitations and mistakes, as opposed to making something that is massively airbrushed , or Pro-Tools has been used to strip any kind of warmth from. When I see bands live, i don't generally watch to see how closely they resemble their recorded output, i watch to see the knowing glances between guitarists as one of them hits a duff note, or how everyone will swivel 90 degrees to cast scorn on a drummer who has missed literally one beat in the entire set. Its these mistakes which make us human, and so im hoping that I can learn a lot from listening to the most popular song in the UK that week, and trying to find out why I would find it appealing. Its going to be a long year.


David said...

any chance you could bust out a cover
of that sugababes song? i realise it;s not at number 1 but it's too good to not do.

warren said...

watch this space. you might be surprised. x

Gregory said...

I am so siked on this whole project, and have subscribed to it on atom RSS already.

Good work, WJM, look forward to my weekly update on pop culture x

Jess said...

Firstly - oh my god, does everyone have a fucking blog?

Secondly - totally love your version and the whole idea of this project. Why are the vocals so quiet though - is it technical or are you just being shy?

Ditto what Greg said, and ditto what David said.


warren said...

mostly shy. slightly technical. x

Jess said...

Turn 'em up!